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Upgrades for existing machines
With our team of technicians, we study possible improvements to make the most of the potential of existing machines, taking them, where possible, to the current state of the art, allowing you to achieve greater efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase reliability. Here are some examples of our modernizations and upgrades.

Some upgrades

Elimination of the rubber deflector in the vent tube

Deflection is achieved by a modification of the stem of the filling valve.
The upgrade is applicable for both the Eurostar and the Eurostar 2000 fillers.


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New CO2 valve for Eurostar filler

The new CO2 valve for Eurostar filler compensates the construction and wear inaccuracies during tank rotation and help to increase the life of the seals, of the butterfly stars and the mechanisms of the inner part and the closing control.

New interchangeable gripper for rinser LGH


  • Double opening system
  • 100% Interchangeable with existing
  • Original carousel and hydraulic parts are kept
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick change of pads

Update of the Eurostar 2000 Bottle Jack

The new seals and the shape of the new piston, prevent dust and water from entering the cylinder chamber and keep the air lubricated under pressure.

The results are better operation and reduced maintenance costs.

New Eurostar lifting jack anti-rotation guide


  • Construction in stainless steel
  • Water lubrication
  • Wear parts consisting of two plastic tabs easily replaceable

Pneumatic to electric filling tank lifting system transformation of filling tank lifting system from pneumatic to electric

  • Electromechanical operation
  • Adjustment/display of the tank position according to the format to be worked on electrical panel

Out of production PLC replacement

Out of production PLC replacement with the latest generation PLC with data migration and hardware and software adjustment.

Installation of double crown chute on single chute cappers

If a channel is blocked by a faulty plug, the second channel automatically comes into action, without having to stop production.


Replacement of the Starcans pneumatic centering cup control, with spring control


  • The piston is replaced by the spring
  • The piston lowers the centering cup with constant force, the spring with variable force, low force when the cup reaches the mouth of the can, avoiding possible deformation